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Some Types of Colour Flowers to Garden

Salvia. This is a lovely purple flower that has a lot of green leaves at the base. They are part of the sage family and require little water to survive. Be sure to cut them down every now and then to keep them under control and neat.

Coneflowers. These daisy-like flowers come in an array of colours such as pink, purple, orange, yellow, burgundy, red and white. You can plant one colour or multiple colours to enhance your garden. They can also survive with little water.

Coreopsis. These are daisy-like flowers but are glowing bright in colour and have distinctive shaped petals. They come in red, yellow, and bright pink. If you have many of them together, they can add a burst of colour to your garden. They are perfect summer flowers and require little maintenance. The bright yellow is reminiscent of summer and makes you feel happy inside when you see them.

Bergenia. These flowers are bell shaped and purple in colour with large glossy leaves. These are beautiful winter flowers that can endure the cold weather. They require regular water, but they can still survive in low water conditions.

Sunset Strain. This is a bright pink or orange flower with white infused in it. It conjures up feelings of serenity and installs a feeling of happiness. The leaves are evergreen and they require little water to thrive.

Verbascums. These are dramatic vertical flowers that add a lovely colour to your garden and can grow up to a meter high. They can be found in purple, red, pink and white. They are persistent growers during winter too.