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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Early Spring Pond

Plan This Year’s Improvements: Use this early Spring time to get an idea of any new improvements you want to make to your pond. Will you be adding a water feature, or a new UV light? This a great time of year to get started. The weather is cool, and everything is already shut off for the winter.

Take Inventory: Have you convinced your spouse that you deserve a new underwater light with 144 different color combinations? Or maybe just a new pond net? Having a pond can be an expensive hobby. I like to buy one new major item a year. This keeps the cost low, and after a few seasons you will have everything you thought you needed.

Start Fresh with a Healthy Pond: This time of year, the pond is very fragile. Everything is starting to come out of the winter freeze. Be prepared for anything with PH Up/Down, Microbe-Lift and other pond treatments. Don’t get too excited about starting up your pond. A lot of pond owners start moving water far too soon and end up with busted pipes when the last frost hits. There always seems to be a week or two of spring like weather and then one final freeze. A lot of wineries know about this and if you still see plastic frost shields on orchards then it would be wise to follow their advice.

Check Electrical and Plumbing: Now is the ideal time to make any fixes to your plumbing. With all of the water flushed out of the lines you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing any broken spots. It is best to find any electrical/ plumbing issues now, before the Summer sun comes out and makes this a time critical fix.

Must Pick Artificial Grass for Garden

Believe it or not, the first and prime reason to have a garden is to enjoy the lush green grass underfoot. Moving along on these grasses has an awesome feeling and this is the reason why people prefer to be in their garden area to relax their senses. One of the reasons why people are opting for artificial grasses in their garden is because it looks exactly the same. Not just looks, these grasses have that feeling too which drives our senses crazy.

The durability factor

While buying anything, the one thing which is always there is the durability factor of the product. How long is it going to last? And in this case… How long is it going to look beautiful and lush green? Well, the answer is quite long. Artificial grasses come with impressive warranty periods which proves that durability is not the concern. These are made from the finest of synthetic fibres for long lasting and hard wearing features.

The maintenance cost

The maintenance cost is another important factor and it qualifies here as well. Most of the grasses come with a characteristic of no maintenance at all. This means now you don’t have to worry about wasting your time in watering or mowing your grass, unlike natural grass which requires these tasks to be performed on a regular basis.

Reduces electricity bills and is eco-friendly

This also reduces the cost of your electricity bills as most of the mowing is done through lawn mowers and they consume a lot of energy and at the same time, it also saves you a lot of time and human labour.

UV Resistant

The grasses are made to suit both indoor and outdoor locations as they come with UV protected layer coating which keeps them safe from the harm of direct sunlight and harsh weather conditions. This means your garden is going to be lush green for years to come.

Keep Trees Healthy

You may need to guarantee that the tree does not develop to become unmanageable, when the procedure of tree development is going on. Of course, one of the main reasons for tree trimming is that it makes the tree aesthetically pleasant & attractive as well.

Trimming becomes important for the tree and for you too on the grounds that a well-developed tree looks incredible in your garden or backyard and it indirectly increases the value of your property as well. Apart from that it will likewise help in various ways to keep your home protected from harsh weather, like extreme heat, winds and snow.

Many experts say that it’s a big disadvantage to lack in knowledge about nature, especially trees, and to improve your knowledge you can hire a professional arborist. An expert arborist can help you to know the things that are best for your trees. Remember, every tree is unique, so an arborist can tell you how it will grow and at what speed it grows.

Once in a while, a few parts particularly branches and all die. So, it becomes crucial to expel them on a regular basis. If you fail to do that then the branches can break and fall leading to accidents. Likewise, if there are children playing under the tree, then you should be cautious because dead branches might fall of and cause mishaps or severe injuries.

One of the most important things to consider here that the structure of the tree is strong and stable since your trees will not only face just one type of adverse weather they may have to deal with heat, cold, heavy rains, windy weather, and hail or even snow etc.

Fairy Gardening With Grandchild

Considering that a toddler has a short attention span, I had already placed some rocks for drainage in the bottom of the container and I had it filled with soil. Also, I made sure all the tools, plants, and supplies were ready to go. I have to chuckle, because Avery was so ready to begin digging in the soil with her trowel. Wearing grandma’s gardening gloves and trowel in hand, Avery decided that the Gold ‘n Rubies Spiraea should be planted next to Avery’s Cottage. For the adults reading this blog, I would describe the plants using the following sentences. “In the warmth of the summer sun the flower buds will open to a prominent reddish-pink bloom, while the gold foliage of the springtime changes into striking chartreuse for the summer. Next, we planted a Hawaii Blue Ageratum in front of the Spiraea, in addition to creating a lawn with Scotch Moss.” In actuality our conversation was more like this. “Avery, look at the pretty pink flowers and green leaves on the plant. Feel how soft this purple flower is. What two colors make purple? You are right… red and blue. We are going to dig a three-inch hole in the soil.” Gardening is an excellent opportunity to explore the senses and identify colors. The lesson continued onto placement of the hardscape materials.

After laying down a small sheet of black lawn fabric, Avery decided where the bridge would go and we filled the pond with shiny, blue raindrops. A couple handfuls of pebbles completed the area in front of the cottage. It was time for a break! Off we went on a scavenger hunt to find some rocks in the yard. Our miniature garden needed some boulders. Once Avery picked out her two favorite rocks, grandma placed them in the garden to create some landscaping dimension. Finally it was time to set the Zinnia Flower Fairy in her place of honor. The final step was to fill Avery’s watering can and give the plants a drink. Oh wait… there was one more thing to do.

To create magic in the fairy garden, some fairy bubbles needed to float over our creation. (This was the best idea I could come up with, because I accidentally left the Fairy Dust was sitting on my counter at home.) With much delight Avery, using her magic wand, blew iridescent bubbles into the wind.